Putting the “her” in Leather

As an artist who has spent their entire lifetime in awe of all things magical, fantastical, and feminine, I have always envisioned things of elaboration beyond the common creations of today. I (commonly called “Siren” Emylie), began drawing sometime before my memory fully developed, according to my mother who [mostly] fondly recalls me illustrating horses with fangs and claws on the side of my dresser at a very young age. After many years of continuous development, I have expanded my illustration skills to be applied to many mediums and themes.

All designs within this website- like on my sister website and founding business, Siren Emylie- are entirely my illustrations. They are all digitally formatted and then printed with a laser. Here at Twilight Wisp, my focus is leather apparel and accessories of a high fantasy fashion quality.

Things here are still slowly being laid out, but this is where I plan on manifesting my most ambitious creations yet.

I hope you’ll stay tuned by following me on instagram and facebook, where you can see behind the scenes things, work in progress pieces, and announcements on where my next in person vending events will be.

May you most thoroughly enjoy wandering into the works of Twilight Wisp.