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Twilight Wisp

Roots Collection - Red Bracerlette

Roots Collection - Red Bracerlette

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Made from fine quality veg tanned leather, this bracerlette is both dainty and durable- perfect for the femme fatale. Rises lower on the arm than most bracers, but isn’t quite as slim as a bracelet- perfect for a subtle addition to any outfit.

Digitally illustrated by yours truly and then laser engraved, the leather is embellished with a unique expression of femininity with uniformity and grace, and is then washed, dyed, and sealed. Laced with a cotton cord, your product is ensured comfort and durability while being free of synthetic materials. 

  • XS- approximately 3.5 inches high and 5.4 inches around. 
  • S- approximately 4.5 inches high and 7 inches around.
  • M- approximately 5.5 inches high and 8.5 inches around.
  • L- To be calibrated. Please feel free to request for larger at no extra cost if other sizing does not fit you.

Please note that leather is an organic material with variations in thickness, resilience, stretch, and general quality. While I try to be selective of what gets used, these factors can affect the way the dye absorbs, the flexibility, and make scars visible that otherwise weren’t. 

We believe it’s beautiful to have things others might view as “imperfections”, and find it dishonorable to discard the hide that a cow provided for just cosmetic flaws. With this, there are likely to be slight variations from what is shown in the photo within range of my discretion as the artist, and will not validate returns or exchanges. 

Beyond this, there is a 60 day guarantee on all products for their functionality and wear and tear. Please contact Twilight Wisp on facebook, instagram, or email me at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. 

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